That would be a cool band name


In the music community the phrase: “that would be a cool band name” is often used about a sentence or something which someone says. For instance, the name “The Captain of Sorrow” was thought of by Henrik Jørgen Svendsen while we were recording the basic tracks to “Racetrack Babies”. I think it was during the recording of “Anti Anti”, which Henrik thought was quite Melancholic that he called me “The Captain of Sorrow”. At that time, we thought that the record was a new “Racetrack Babies” album, so I thought it would be a good title for the record. As you might know it ended up being the name of this project and Racetrack Babies the title of the record.

Choosing titles to the songs for a record has for me always been quite easy, I just grab what first comes to my mind, and identifies the song, when I hear the song and read the song lyrics. This time I wanted to do it a bit different. I wanted each song to be the same title as a band name that I had thought of during the years, and actually thought was good enough to use sometime. Most of the titles have in common that they are unique in composition. The phrases are not used anywhere else (at least I have not been able to find any on the internet), except for “The Scarlet Pimpernel” of course. One band name which I thought of while trying to find one for Racetrack Babies, but which was voted down, ended up being another bands name. It was Mads Hvidt our drummer from back then, who thought it was a good band name idea and brought it to his new band which they called “Park The Bench”.

It is the first time that I have put such an effort into finding titles for songs on a record.

Check out the titles of the songs here.