The beginning of the band Racetrack Babies


In 1998 i started playing in the band Racetrack Babies. I reacted on an ad in the newspaper. Before that i had been trying to get a band called Teddy Bob Freddys working with a bunch of really good friends, but the others didn’t like the constellation of the band at that time. Bjarni the songwriter in the band wanted to sing his own songs, he was a really good songwriter but struggled with many problems. I had just returned from a 1 year stay in Stockholm and had written my first song. Cushion which is a song that ended up on our debut album with Racetrack Babies. I had a period trying out with a bunch of bands and musicians after that, which was a pretty cool experience itself. I meet many interesting people and music. The trials w. Racetrack Babies bunch were very good and we decided to keep working together, it’s like we shared the joy of playing the same music and there was a good drive in the band to take it somewhere. In the band at that time was Kasper on bass(I forget his surname), Mads Hvidt on drums and Jacob Aaby on guitar. Mads had a very steady beat on the drums. Kasper went out of the band pretty fast, he wanted to play something harder and he was replaced by Cecilie.
Cecilie worked hard in the beginning and I think she only went to 8’th grade at that time, she joined the band at an age of only 14 years. Cecilie played a very “heavy” beat on the bass and thats what we liked and why we signed her in. Jacob and I were the main drivers of the band at that time and shared the passion for getting the music heard.
We got it going pretty fast, we recorded a demo only 3 months after we gathered, and started playing jobs. I have forgotten the names of the tracks on that demo, but I think there was a song called Heal and the demo was called QED.. The songs were the results of our jams in the rehearsal room in those first 3 months.
The name Racetrack Babies came to me, out of the blue. I think it is a much better name and says much more about the time and our work than I knew at that time. But I guess that is what defines art, you never get all of it from the beginning. It just feels like it’s there so you return to it again and again until you get it.