The Captain Of Sorrow


Is a new project that has arisen from the ashes of my former band Racetrack Babies. The album now named “Racetrack Babies” should have been released by Racetrack Babie as our fourth album. It should have been called “The Captain Of Sorrow”. Me being the only original member, made it a bit strange though. So i swapped the title and project name. I choose to pull out the record from Racetrack Babies and then release it under the new project name: The Captain Of Sorrow. These are the things you can do, when nobody but yourself holds the rights to your music.

I produced the album, it is – like the two previous albums – my friend, John Agnello who mixed the album. The Captains Of Sorrows new album Racetrack Babies was tracked in Soundscape Studio Frederiksberg by Louise Nipper. I hope you like it, Enjoy.