The Recording of Racetrack Babies


When I had just returned from the US tour with Racetrack Babies back in 2006, Morten and Mingh left the band. I had never had so much desire to make even more music. So I immidiately started planning making another record. I liked the production idea from Summer Salt Santiago where we went into the studio with just faint song ideas and sketch recordings and then capturing them at once, while they were beeing conceived. You know the saying: it’s your first idea which is the best. I have heard long stories about and have experienced myself spending hours and days on just one track and then returning to the original first recording. I have also captured first time played songs on tape and then afterwards stuggled struggled on how to find that feeling again. I thought I would bring that idea forward with me to the new record, creating the songs while they were beeing played and recorded. I also wanted to introduce a new thing, which was a new “one sound” code idea. It is an idea where each song has a single unique sound once on each song. We recorded the basic tracks in 3-4 days. The 2 basictrack musicians Henrik and Hans were so skilled at their musical craftmanship, that I was afraid that they were going to play with the music and not play the music. I wanted them to work hard to get things to stick together and not play around.